Steamy Shower Mist - Honey Hill Woods

Steamy Shower Mist - Honey Hill Woods

Joans A Keeper
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Made with a blend of essential oils and waxes, this therapeutic candle warms your home with a hint of uplifting scent.

How to Use: Please take care and burn only on a fire-safe surface. Trim the wick to ¼" before each use.


  • The non-toxic way to scent your space
  • Clean, light, and fresh scents
  • Burns evenly for up to 30 hours
  • Essential Oil Blend: A signature blend of pure plant oils that create an uplifting and relaxing scent experience.


  • Honey Hill Woods: the earthy, piney scent of a hike in the forest.
    Soy Blend, All Natural Wax, Essential Oils