Hand made soap - Rosemary Mint

Hand made soap - Rosemary Mint

Joans A Keeper
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Experience the goodness of Joan's original soap! This wonder bar contains pure honey and nourishing plant oils that are gentle on skin but still get you nice and clean.

How to Use: Use this bar to wash your hands, your toes, and everything in between!  Keep your soap out of direct contact with water when you're not using it to preserve the lifetime of your bar.

Rosemary Mint: Rosemary is a naturally antiseptic herb that supports healthy circulation. Mint is a cooling herb that gives skin a clean and refreshed feeling.


  • Handmade the old-fashioned way
  • Packed with skin-nurturing oils for a non-stripping clean
  • Scents inspired by Joan's original recipes


  • Coconut Oil: A soothing oil that softens and nourishes skin.
  • Beeswax: A waterproof skin protectant that prevents dryness.
  • Honey: A natural skin-protector packed with beneficial antioxidants.